Laura-Elena Runceanu

Affiliated researcher
Affiliated researchers , School of Education and Communication


Laura-Elena Runceanu has a PhD in Psychology, and she is an affiliated researcher at the research group Communication, Culture and Diversity, School of Education and Communication. Her academic interests include social representations and attitudes towards disabled people, and inclusive education. Laura is a dedicated supporter and promoter of diversity in education and intersectionality, critical thinking and active learning, evidence-based teaching and evidence-informed policy making.


Laura has teaching experience in higher education and teacher professional development in Europe and Africa since 2000. She coordinated institutional and research projects and collaborated with national and international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations. Her research focuses on social aspects of disability and inclusion of marginalized groups. She currently coordinates the learning support in an international school and implements a whole-school approach to teacher professional development and student support, by applying an intersectional lens.