Li Ping Lim

Doctoral Student
Research School of Health and Welfare , School of Health and Welfare


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The working title of my thesis is: Promoting Person-centred Care through a Multi-professional Coproduction Network Model in Singapore - A Multi-method Evaluation.

The first research paper will be an organisational case study of the adoption and adaptation of the ESTHER Model in Singapore. Using realist evaluation, it will inform future actions for ongoing development, and generate a revised programme theory to guide others in their efforts to adapt and contextualise person-centred practices.

The second research will find out what person-centred care means to patients, residents and caregivers. It will use a qualitative approach to collect data through focus group discussions. A coding frame will be developed and the coded data will be grouped into emerging themes through content analysis. 

The third research will evaluate the use of transdisciplinary teams to establish a network model. It will apply the CIPP (Content, Input, Process, Product) evaluation framework for complex adaptive systems, to inform of the opportunities and challenges of the transdisciplinary approach in this context. 

The forth research will be part of an international comparative study of the dissemination and diffusion of coproduction over time in Sweden, Singapore and Kent, through the ESTHER Network Model.