Rudy Matela

Deputy Assistant Professor
Department of Computing , School of Engineering

Rudy is involved in the teaching of Programming, Functional Programming, Software Engineering, Algorithms and Data Structures courses at JTH.

Rudy is currently researching applications of property-based testing to practical implementations of AI and Machine Learning systems.  His research has the goal of making computer programming more efficient and reliable by creating software tools to assist programmers with testing and using testing.

Rudy has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of York, UK (2018).  His thesis is titled "Tools for Discovery, Refinement and Generalization of Functional Properties by Enumerative Testing".  The software tools he created during his PhD are publicly available online under Libre / Open Source licenses: LeanCheck, Extrapolate, Speculate and FitSpec.  They have been used in practice in software industry and programming education.

Rudy has extensive past experience working in software industry programming in Haskell, C, Bash, Python and other programming languages and technologies.

Rudy's Google Scholar page has more info about his past publications.  Rudy's GitHub page contains most of the libre/open source software he develops and maintains.