Ricardo Queiros

Doctoral Student

The never-ending quest for more advanced materials gets progressively more important for the mobility industry as emission regulations grow tighter within the EU and fuel consumption is aimed to be as low as possible. Compacted Graphite Cast Iron represents a good compromise between mechanical and thermal properties. It showcases excellent promise to achieve higher combustion efficiency by working at higher pressures than previously used materials while maintaining good thermal conductivity.

Ricardo took his Metallurgical and Materials Engineering master in his home country of Portugal, at the University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering. During that period, he had the chance to do a semester abroad at RWTH Aachen, focusing again on foundry technologies and metal forming.  During his education, he continuously engaged in different projects connected to the casting industry: HPDC of Magnesium (Industrial Research Internship); 5S programme in a Foundry (Summer Internship); Chemical composition control modeling of steel and nickel superalloys  (MSc Thesis work).


Queirós, R., Domeij, B., Diószegi, A. (2024). Unraveling compacted and nodular cast iron porosity: Case studies approach International Journal of metalcasting, 18, 1811-1830. More information