Special Needs Education

The research spotlight is directed at the opportunities and challenges that emerge in the work to create an equal and inclusive education for all children and students. The research is expected to contribute to knowledge about how conditions are created at societal, organizational, group and individual level for all children and students to reach as far as possible in their learning and development.


Git Blomberg

Special needs education is multidisciplinary and its character is also expressed in the research that is conducted. It therefore often has connections to other scientific disciplines and the complexity of the study objects demands a theoretical and methodological diversity.

The group cooperates to a large extent with municipalities and individual preschools/schools, as well as with various national and international researchers. The research also has a clear relevance for teacher training and competence development in special needs education, which takes place in the form of freestanding courses and commissioned education, at different levels and with national dissemination.

In the group, the research interest is directed towards, for example:

  • An equal preschool and children's need for support
  • Literacy development for multilingual students
  • Communication, participation and learning
  • Inclusion and exclusion processes
  • Distribution of financial resources and students' right to special education

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