Below is a list of courses offered for exchange students coming to JU. You can use the filter above to choose which semester you would like to see the courses for. A full-time study load for one semester is 30 credits. The majority of courses at the School of Education and Communication run for 4 weeks at a 100% study pace, whilst some courses can run at 50%. Courses at 100% should be studied as single courses, whilst 2 courses at 50% each can be combined and studied over the same dates. Please note that schedule clashes and overlaps can occur which can result in course changes during the Introduction Week. To ensure a manageable workload, we suggest choosing an even spread of courses over the full semester. Please make sure that you meet the pre-requisites of the courses that you are interested in studying.


To get an overview of the courses (including the dates, subject areas, level) please look at the excel file. Please note that the excel document is updated several times a year so cancelled courses may be shown, any updates can be seen in the full list below.

Courses for exchange students

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Semester: 2024ht
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Language: English
Faculty: School of Education and Communication


Conflict Management

7,5 Credits

Development Studies

7,5 Credits


Social Justice

7,5 Credits

The Global Teacher

7,5 Credits