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Pathway Year 60 Credits

Course Contents

The Pathway Year course is a preparatory course for students who do not meet the level of required English proficiency for university studies in Sweden.

The horizontal aim is to develop and strengthen student skills within higher education through group work, social engagement, peer learning, reflective learning and autonomous learning whilst developing intercultural communication skills, metacognitive skills, information literacy and critical thinking.

The purpose of the course is to provide English language preparation in reading, writing, listening and speaking corresponding to the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6.

The purpose is also to prepare students for Higher Education in Sweden by giving support in adjusting to the demands, challenges and expectations of Swedish Higher Education as well as learning the Swedish language. The course will also provide knowledge of Swedish culture, and society in preparation for studies and life in Sweden.

The course consists of six sub-courses; Preparatory English 1, Preparatory English 2, Swedish 1, Swedish 2, Life and Studies 1 and Life and Studies 2.

Preparatory English 1 and 2 (40 credits, total)
The English part of the course consists of lectures, seminars and group activities in various fields of academic English and have been designed specifically to meet the needs of non-native English speakers who wish to develop their English language competencies and be able to communicate effectively in an academic environment. In addition to the development of the four main areas of language (reading, writing, speaking and listening), there is also a strong focus on academic skills including research ethics, critical thinking, academic writing and presentations.
English will be taught in an international context with a strong focus on active participation and group discussion. Students will be given opportunities to share their own experiences and in turn gain a deeper knowledge of living conditions, social issues and cultural features in different parts of the world.
Course content and objectives include:
- Applied grammar
- Vocabulary building - academic language. Both general and subject specific.
- Academic reading and research
- Listening comprehension and note-taking
- Academic writing – summaries, essays, research papers and similar text types
- Language strategies
- Oral proficiency - presentation, group discussion and debating skills, pronunciation
- Introduction to rhetoric - the art of persuasive speaking and writing
- Narrative text and analysis

Swedish 1 and 2
The Swedish language will be taught aiming to give students basic Swedish language skills. This will better equip students to interact with and understand their new surroundings. The language sessions contain grammar lectures, media creation, text reading, listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation. Written and oral exercises are given as part of the course. The mentoring session’s aims to help monitoring and supporting your progress. Course content and objectives include:
Course content and objectives include:
- Spoken communication such as oral conversations and presentations
- Swedish pronunciation and prosody
- Reading and listening comprehension
- Texts and conversations focusing on everyday phrases
- Swedish grammar and vocabulary
Life and Studies 1 and 2
The Life & Studies part of the course aims to enable familiarity with Sweden. You will study and explore different aspects of Sweden such as politics, history, religion, governmental structure and traditions.
Course content and objectives include:
- Lectures (in English) on Swedish society and culture
- Compulsory study visits
Sub courses


High School Diploma and English language skills corresponding to:
IELTS 5.0 (no part below 4.5) or equivalent
Internet based TOEFL test 61 written test 14 or equivalent

Level of Education: Undergraduate G1N
Course code/Ladok code: PYEG18
The course is conducted at: Jönköping University Enterprise

Upcoming course occasions

Previous and ongoing course occasions

Type of course
Study type
Autumn 2019: Aug 26 - Jan 12
Spring 2020: vecka 03 - 19 (Continues)
Rate of Study
Annika Riman
Course coordinator
Carl-Johan Odehammar
Tuition fees do NOT apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students
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