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Industrial Organisation 7,5 Credits

Course Contents

Important elements of the course are:
• Firms, organisations, and contracts
• Corporate governance and firm objectives
• Theory of the firm and costs
• Market structures
• Game theoretic models (simultaneous and sequential)
• Vertical integration
• Business practices
• Strategic behavior
• Government policies, regulations and their effects
• Competition policy, also related to behavioral economics and sustainability

Connection to Research and Practice

The course is connected to the research front of Industrial Organisation, both theoretically and empirically. It also applies a wider theoretical frame (intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary) incorporating e.g., behavioral economics, sustainability, law, and entrepreneurship. Issues connected to competition and economic efficiency are fundamental to all research areas of JIBS.
There is a close connection to contemporary competition and regulatory evaluations performed by governmental institutions (e.g., Swedish governmental agencies and the EU) and international organisations (especially OECD). In particular, the students will work with the latest version of the competition toolbox of OECD in relation to analyse and reflect theoretically and empirically upon performed evaluations.


General entry requirements and 60 credits in Business Administration or Economics including Intermediate Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics (or equivalent).

Level of Education: Undergraduate
Course code/Ladok code: JION11
The course is conducted at: Jönköping International Business SchoolLast modified 2020-12-02 07:12:02