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Advanced Building Information Modeling 6 Credits

Course Contents

The course teaches elaborate handling of advanced BIM-models at different stages of the product development process. It also includes the creation of advanced production specifications for fabrications, e.g. specified in engineering drawings and files for numerical controlled production equipment.

The course includes the following elements:
- Design Authoring of advanced BIM-models containing technical subsystems
- BIM-based analysis using advanced BIM-models
- Information delivery for construction and digital fabrication


The applicant must hold the minimum of a bachelor’s degree (i.e the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university) with at least 90 credits in construction engineering or civil engineering, or equivalent. The bachelor’s degree should comprise a minimum of 15 credits in mathematics. The applicant must also have completed the course BIM - Requirements and Specifications, 7,5 credits or equivalent. Proof of English proficiency is required.

Level of Education: Master
Course code/Ladok code: TABS29
The course is conducted at: School of EngineeringLast modified 2019-11-18 13:44:02