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Lean and Six Sigma for Sustainable Operations 15 Credits

Course Contents

This course covers the two topics of lean and six sigma. Separate and combined.

The course includes the following elements:
- Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) and related cycles
- Six Sigma principles
- Lean principles and tools
- Toyota Production System
- Variation management
- Descriptive and inferential statistics
- Data visualization and Minitab
- Six Sigma for sustainability
- Scoping tool, SIPOC
- Six Sigma certification and organization


Passed courses of at least 90 credits within the major subject industrial engineering and management, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering (or the equivalent), and 15 credits in mathematics, and completed course Developing Sustainable Supply Chain Operations, 7.5 credits or equivalent. Proof of English proficiency is required.

Level of Education: Master
Course code/Ladok code: TLXS22
The course is conducted at: School of EngineeringLast modified 2022-08-31 11:41:08