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Research Track: Industrial Placement in Supply Chain Operations Management 7,5 Credits

Course Contents

This course is preparatory for a future research career focusing on collaborative research projects. It builds on previous knowledge in research methodology and prepares the student for final project work. Its purpose is to give the student experience from both an industrial placement and from an academic research project. Thereby, the student will gain experience in how to understand industrial settings and how to design research studies for the collection of empiricla data that can be analysed, discussed and presented as research results from collaborative research.
Assignments within the course are dependent on the purpose of the individual research project that the student joins, the conditions at the industrial placement(s) and the student’s own interests. It includes joining and contributing knowledge to an ongoing project, participating in professional practice relevant to the main subject area, planning for and delivering written and oral reflections upon the experience of professional practice.

The course includes the following elements:
- Industrial placement
- Research project placement
- Data collection
- Written and oral reflections


Passed courses of at least 90 credits within the major subject industrial engineering and management, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering (or the equivalent), and 15 credits in mathematics. At least 30 credits in the master´s programme (or the equivalent) should be approved, including a course in research methodology. Proof of English proficiency is required.

Level of Education: Master
Course code/Ladok code: TRTS22
The course is conducted at: School of EngineeringLast modified 2024-06-20 12:45:07