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User Experience Design 7,5 Credits

Course Contents

The course will give the students an overview of fundamental concepts within user experience design with particular focus on information architecture and interaction design.

The course includes the following elements:
- Treat information as a material for the creation of shared digital environments
- Apply information architecture and interaction design concepts and methods to real-world situations
- Create blueprints for interactive systems through sketching, storyboarding, and prototyping
- Design interactions that make use of digital, ambient, or behavioral interfaces
- Consider emotion and persuasiveness as core elements of the design process
- Apply cognitive and behavioral models to design for accessibility and inclusion
- Apply skills and knowledge in the context of team-work and collaborative projects


General entry requirements and completed courses Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, 7,5 credits and Web and User Interface Design, 15 credits (or the equivalent).

Level of Education: Undergraduate
Course code/Ladok code: TUEK12
The course is conducted at: School of EngineeringLast modified 2023-03-17 13:42:53