Master Programmes in Media/Communications or Child Studies

Media and Communication Studies

Would you like to join an organization in the future that works with communication and sustainability? Then you could be interested in our Master Programme in Sustainable Communication.

Child Studies

Would you like to take on a leadership role in early childhood education or special education, child healthcare, social services or work within other child-related organizations? Our Master Programme in Interventions in Childhood could be a good match.

Top Research Education

Our School of Education and Communication is internationally well-recognized in the research fields of environmental communication, climate journalism and global journalism, as well as child studies- where we are one of three participating members of the Swedish Institute for Disability Research (a leading European program in disability research). Check out our master programmes within the area of child studies, and media and communications.


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Subject areas: Media Communication


New Media Design

180 Credits | Undergraduate


Pathway Programmes

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