Level: Master
Application period: 2022-10-18 - 2023-05-02
Start date: Autumn 2023
City: Jönköping
Degree: Degree of Master of Science (60 Credits) with a major in General Management, 60 credits


This programme provides a tailor-made education in management for those holding a bachelor’s degree in engineering. It prepares students for work in positions that require a broad management understanding combined with technical knowledge.


The programme is designed to meet the increasing demand for graduates that combine their technical understanding with the application of management knowledge in the industrial and engineering sectors. This competence is as important for renewal of local small and medium sized companies as for integration of big international supply chains.


After graduation, you will belong to an attractive group of graduates holding degrees in both engineering and management. This will qualify you for a variety of positions, especially those that require an understanding of the technical processes of a company to be a business leader. It will also enhance your ability to realise your own business idea or innovate within an existing firm. Engineering Management includes frequent business interaction to secure practical relevance as well as academic depth.

Courses address a wide range of management topics deemed necessary for an engineer to excel as a responsible business leader in various managerial roles. Course topics include responsible leadership, strategic renewal, internationalisation, (open) innovation, methods for business analysis, training in writing and presenting business reports.

Engineering Management is taught at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS). To secure the practical relevance of the program and make good use of the students’ prior knowledge in engineering, courses will include collaborations between students, practitioners and lecturers with both business and technology background. These activities will further train the students to work in diverse settings and ensure that the knowledge and skills learned are applicable in practice.

All courses are taught in English. Due to the fact that Jönköping International Business School is an international school with international faculty and that this programme is open to students from around the world, the courses have a diverse participation of students providing an international learning experience both in atmosphere and course content.

After graduation you will belong to an attractive group of graduates holding both engineering and management degrees. This will qualify you for a variety of jobs, especially managerial roles that require you to understand the techni­cal processes of a company and lead projects, departments, plants, or whole firms. It will also increase your chances of realising your own business idea or being innovative within existing organisations.

The programme is conducted at Jönköping International Business School
Credits: 60 credits
Level: Master
Rate of study: Full-time
City: Jönköping
Place of study: Campus-based
Start date: Autumn 2023
Requirements: The applicant must hold the minimum of a Bachelor's degree (i.e the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university) with at least 90 credits in engineering or equivalent. Proof of English proficiency is required.

Read more about our Admissions Requirements.
Application code: HJ-MU065
Degree: Degree of Master of Science (60 Credits) with a major in General Management
Tuition fee: For the first semester: 60000 SEK
Total tuition fee: 120000 SEK

Tuition fees do NOT apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students

Half time option for practitioners

Although no prior work experience is required to enter the programme it is encouraged. For applicants already working in industrial and engineering sectors the programme can under certain circumstances be studied at half speed over two years as an alternative to one year full-time studies. In such case an individual study plan must be applied for upon acceptance to the programme. Please note that the programme still runs on campus during the day-time so even at half speed you would need to be present regularly and have a job that can offer enough flexibility during this period. For more information on this option contact the Programme Director, see this link. Opens in new window.

Pathway Programme

If you don't fulfil our language requirements, you can enter our Pathway Programme, designed to strengthen your English and academic skills. Read more.

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