Nspire Day – inspirationsföreläsningar med fokus på entreprenörskap

Missa inte Nspire Day 16 november – en dag med inspirationsföreläsningar med fokus på entreprenörskap. Dagen arrangeras av Case Academy tillsammans med JSA Entrepreneurship Academy.

Program för dagen:

10.00-10.30, B1014 - JIBS’s very own Maruan Abdul-Karem, founder of CVcreation, will speak about his definition of entrepreneurship and the decisions that led him to become a part of the start-up CVcreation.

10.45-11.30, B1014 - Science Park will tell you about "Prototyping your Digital Idea". Learn how to transform an entrepreneurial idea to a digital product.

12.00-13.00, B1033 – Civilekonomerna will hold a lecture about building a strong and professional LinkedIn account that is a necessary tool for networking in today's globalized world.

13.30-14.00, B4066 - Latif Andersson, founder and CEO of Pepins, will speak about going from JIBS to building his own company as well as discuss the journey to building one of Sweden's most exciting crowdfunding companies.

14.15-15.00, B4066 – Almi Företagspartner’s lecture will be about budgeting and financing a company, an essential topic for those thinking about starting your own business venture.

Case Academy och JSA Entrepreneurship Academy bjuder på kaffe och fika i JIBS entré under dagen.

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