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Go on Exchange, broaden your campus and discover the world! The benefits of going on exchange are numerous. Not only is it an interesting, fun, and enriching experience, it is also a career enhancer.

Several pictures from students on exchange all over the world

By living and studying in a foreign culture, you don't only learn here at Jönköping but the world becomes your campus. You won't only learn through your formal academic study but you also learn by connecting with communities, other educational systems, and cultures. You learn about how people in other countries think, live, create, and do business. In addition, you can begin to build up an international network of contacts that will be of value once you enter the working world.

A study abroad experience forces you to be innovative and independent, take initiative, and make new friends. It is not always easy, but it is most definitely worth it!

And of course studying overseas is FUN! Students learn about the ways and customs of another country, from its folk songs and dances, to it's health or business practices, educational methods, and it's etiquette and cuisine. Students often rave about their experiences and applaud the educational benefits.

Don't miss out on your chance to Go on Exchange!

Find out more about the opportunities available for you school through the tabs to the left of this page.

For inspiration read some of the travel storiesöppnas i nytt fönster of the students who have already had this fantastic educational and life experience.


Welcome to contact International Office via case management system,CMS, (link above).

Drop-in via Zoom:

Monday - Friday
12.00-13.00 Online

Covid19 and exchange

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Fall semester

Deadline December 20

Spring semester

Deadline September 1


Deadline for exchange fall semester is February 1st

Do you have any questions about the application? Come talk to us!

You can apply for traditional exchange studies (only courses) or within International Campus.

See IntApps how to apply and for more information,


Going on Exchange combined with IPC/NFK or Final Project Work.

Questions regarding International Campus please contact Josefine Andersson, e-mail: