A scholarship is a financial contribution which is given by foundations, associations, companies, banks and trade associations. These scholarships are generally tax-free, but can sometimes be counted as wages subject to conditions and may need to be taxed. Scholarships awarded for educational purposes, however, usually are free of tax.

Formulate your needs
Before you start looking for scholarships, it's important to really think about what you need financial assistance for and if you think someone would want to fund it. What you need help with can be anything from financing literature, to help with flight tickets, or to support extensive research. Scholarships are awarded to both students and private individuals and companies with the intent of promoting a particular purpose.

Apply for different kinds of scholarships
International Relations Office administer several scholarships available for exchange students such as Erasmus, NordPlus and MFS. You can also apply for scholarships through your municipality, parish, school, and so on. Most foundations and scholarships can be found on the web.  

There are books stuffed full with information about scholarships and foundations. You can often find them in libraries. Some popular collections are: ”Stipendiehandboken” ("Scholarship Handbook"), ”Fonder och stipendier i Sverige” ("Funds and scholarships in Sweden"), ”Stora Fondboken” ("Big Book Fund") and "Scholarships & Grants".

You also have access to the database Global Grant where you can search for scholarships and get tips on how to write an application. Log in to Global Grant here.länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

On different Embassy websites you can sometimes find information about different grants connected to the country where you are going to stay. You can also visit the Swedish embassy website of the country you are travelling to, and see if there is information about scholarships for Swedes abroad.

Organizations, agencies and companies
Anyone can hand out scholarships, not only foundations. For example, Sida hands out several different types of scholarships to students who will write an essay abroad. Be creative and visit websites or contact different associations, federations, banks, insurance offices etc. to ask if they award scholarships.

Find out what the application should contain
Different foundations have different requirements that you must fulfil in order to receive their scholarship. It is therefore important to find out what requirements you need to fulfil before submitting the application. Competition for scholarships is fierce, and if you do not have thorough and accurate application, your chances to receive the grant are small.

An application often contains a personal letter, a resume, a cv, references, background to why you are applying for the scholarship, and what you will use the money for.

To think of...
- start early!
… sometimes it is possible to apply for a grant even if you already have started a project. 

- search for scholarships that are linked to your school, education, student nation, etc.
- search for scholarships related to your place of birth or current residence, such as county, municipality, and parish.

- search for scholarships related to your union, political party, or sport.


Travel grant for HHJ’s students

All students accepted to studies abroad and traveling outside of Europe (excluded Linnaeus Palme students) can apply for travel grantWord, 4000 SEK. Travel grants are financed by School of Health and Welfare.

Thesis Abroad (HHJ students)

Thesis abroad is a scholarship worth 4000 SEK and financed by School of Health and Welfare. This scholarship is meant to be a complement of MFS programme as a result of hard concurrence and limited MFS-places.

Fundamental Guidelines of Thesis abroad programme are similar to MFS-programme. Differences are following:
- The amount of scholarships: 10
- The scholarship is worth 4000 SEK

  • the period of time abroad might be shorter: 4-8 weeks.
  • students are not attending mandatory MFS-course in Härnösand organized by SIDA but they’re attending whole day preparatory workshop at School of Health and Welfare.

Application: you can apply for Thesis Abroad at the same time as for MFS-programme. In the application form you will have a possibility to confirm that you want to receive a “Thesis abroad scholarship” in case that you will not receive a MFS-scholarship.

Other scholarships

Information about other scholarships. Some of them

for studies abroad.

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