Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Science with a major in Industrial Engineering and Management, 180 Credits

Location: Jönköping

Start date: August 20, 2018

This Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Management with a specialisation in Sustainable Supply Chain Management equips you with multi-disciplinary expertise within the world of contemporary logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The programme is exclusively designed to include various stages of supply chains from purchasing and production to distribution and retailing. Specifically, the programme focuses on sustainability – one of the most significant concerns of supply chains in terms of business, society, and environment. The programme is open to applicants from around the world, and the teaching is carried out in English.

The programme equips you with the knowledge and skills to tackle the complex issues that today’s supply chains face. To provide you with a solid grounding on certain core areas within SCM, several courses are offered including material flows, operations and quality management, purchasing, distribution and retail, as well as business relationships. Moreover, the programme contains multiple courses and course modules which develop your entrepreneurial and leadership skills, from forming ideas to business planning, project management, as well as group dynamics. Since almost every supply chain decision concerns considering the customers, you will also learn about the basics of marketing from understanding the customers to communication.

What makes this programme unique is how it incorporates real-life issues regarding sustainability at various supply chain stages and levels. In many of the courses in the program there is a solid focus on the main pillars of sustainability, such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Lean and Green Logistics. You will also learn about human factors engineering and ergonomics in Work-Human-Technology. During the second and the final years of your studies, you will have the opportunity to gain further hands-on practical experience as industrial engineers.

International character

The teaching is carried out in English, and you will study alongside students from all over the world. During the programme, you will also have the opportunity to spend at least a semester abroad, which will further broaden your international proficiency. This will give you international contacts, experience and qualifications that will be highly valued by future employers.

Industrial Placement Course

You will make direct contact with a company within the industry through an Industrial Placement Course. The course involves nine weeks of work experience at a company. Those who wish to do so, can carry out this work experience abroad. The programme will also include industry involvement through activities such as guest lectures and job market days. 

After completing your studies


Our professional faculty ensure that you will gain a unique experience in the courses that strongly connect theory and practice. The programme educates future industrial engineers and executives with multi-disciplinary expertise who will be experts in managing sustainable supply chains.

Possible future career prospects include positions within production, purchasing, distribution, as well as retail and e-commerce. As a graduate, you could also continue your education at the master’s level. At Jönköping University, you can follow your academic education within production, and logistics and SCM up to the doctoral level.


180 credits ECTS



Rate of study


Place of study




Start date

August 20, 2018


General entry requirements include high school diploma and specific demand on matematics, physics, and chemistry. Proof of English proficiency is required. Read more about our English Requirements.

Read more about our Admissions Requirements.


Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Industrial Engineering and Management

Tuition fees

125,000 SEK per year

Tuition fees do NOT apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students

NB Preliminary list of courses.

Year 1

Introduction to Logistics and Materials Management 9 credits
Principles of Sustainable Supply Chain Management 6 credits
Research Methods and Communication 6 credits
Leading Sustainable Organizations 9 credits
Basic Calculus 6 credits
Business Planning and Entrepreneurship 6 credits
Linear Algebra and Optimization 9 credits
Operations and Quality Management 9 credits

Year 2

Work, Human, Technology 9 credits
Corporate Social Responsibility 6 credits
Mathematical Statistics 6 credits
Lean and Green Logistics 9 credits
Retailing 9 credits
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 9 credits
Industrial Placement Course 12 credits

Year 3

IT Service Management 7.5 credits*
Transportation and Warehousing 7.5 credits*
Innovative Production Systems Development 7.5 credits*
Intercultural and International Communication 7.5 credits*
Sustainable Business Relationships 6 credits
Research Methodology 9 credits
Final Project Work 15 credits

* Can be exchanged for studies abroad (30 credits)

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