Nikolas Käkelä

Doctoral Student


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Why has customization become an important competitive factor in industrial contexts? What are the different approaches to customization? What implications does customization have for organizing, strategy, learning, etc. - and how can companies be superior in their customization practices? 

These are, broadly, the issues Nikolas Käkelä addresses in his research. More specifically, focus is on so-called solution spaces and how they can be the basis for understanding key challenges that comes as an effect of offering customized products and/or services. 


Engström, A., Käkelä, N., Wikner, J. (2021). Ambidextrous learning in a customer order–based context Learning Organization. More information
Engström, A., Käkelä, N. (2019). Early steps in learning about organizational learning in customization settings: A communication perspective Learning Organization, 26(1), 27-43. More information

Conference paper

Bäckstrand, J., Käkelä, N. (2019). Sharing knowledge for customization: a triadic perspective. 26th International Annual EurOMA Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 17-19 June 2019. More information
Engström, A., Käkelä, N. (2018). Learning to make a difference in customization settings. Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities OLKC 2018, 26th - 28th April, 2018, Liverpool, UK. More information
Käkelä, N., Wikner, J. (2018). Defining solution spaces for customizations. Cham: Springer, IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, APMS 2018; Seoul; South Korea; 26 - 30 August 2018. More information
Käkelä, N., Bäckstrand, J., Engström, A. (2017). Viskleken. 17th Research and Application Conference on Logistics and Operations Management [PLANs forsknings- och tillämpningskonferens], Chalmers, Göteborg, 25-26 October 2017. More information


Käkelä, N., Engström, A., Lennartsson, M., Bäckstrand, J. (2020). Viskleken: Samlade lärdomar från ett kollaborativt forskningsprojekt. Jönköping: Tekniska högskolan i Jönköping More information

Licentiate thesis

Käkelä, N. (2019). Customization-based interaction in ETO (Licentiate thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, School of Engineering). More information