Language at JU

The Swedish Language Act states that "The language used in public activities shall be careful, simple and understandable". Texts produced at JU should have a professional and accessible language.

International environment

We operate in an international environment both on campus in Jönköping and abroad, with students, staff and partners from around the world. The languages used in our communications are primarily English and Swedish.

In cases where the target group is not solely Swedish-speaking, English is to be used. Students and employees should be able to function well at the University regardless of whether or not they have a command of Swedish.

Writing rules

Below you can find selected writing rules for things that often appear in texts at JU.

Capitalise English titles when they refer to a certain person/position/title, but not when they are used in a more general sense.



  • Karin Andersson, Professor of Psychology
  • Assistant Professor John Smith
  • Tim Hopkins was promoted to Professor of Social Anthropology
  • There were several professors of economics in the meeting.
  • Susan Baker, Head of Department
  • The President will give an opening speech at the conference.
  • The conference gathers presidents from different universities.

Write English subject areas with upper case when they are part of the name of a programme, a course or a degree, and with lower case in all other cases.



  • a Doctor’s Degree in Biology
  • a Master of Science with a Specialisation in Management
  • five degrees in social work
  • a professor in physics

When a subject area is mentioned in relation to a title, the format title of subject area should be used.



  • Tim Smith is a professor of biology
  • Kate Johnson, Associate Professor of Health Sciences

Capitalise names of research groups/centres as well as academic and other departments at JU.



  • Lifelong Learning
  • Business Administration
  • the Department of Materials and Manufacturing
  • the Communications Department

Note: only capitalise information-bearing words and not small words like ”of”, ”and” etc.

Always capitalise University when writing about JU as “the University”.

English-Swedish dictionary

The dictionary mainly contains educational and research terms, but also HR, IT, and financial terms as well as names of authorities and the like. The purpose is to contribute to a common and correct vocabulary of the texts written at JU.