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  • HÖFAB to buy Grennaskolan

    Jönköping municipality is expected to decide at the beginning of December that the properties at Campus Gränna will be sold to Högskolefastigheter i Jönköping AB (Höfab) - a properties company that owns the university's facilities and is part-owned by the university itself. 
  • Meet Jönköping University at DreamHack

    Transform to AAA and the sub-project Digital Dreams will be at DreamHack Winter. Come and meet us there!
  • 21.9 million SEK awarded child and adolescent mental health research

    The Swedish Research Council has granted the research unit CHILD at Jönköping University 21.9 million SEK for the research program “Mental health and participation in habilitation services for children and youth with disability”.
  • Ready, steady, light! 

    As darkness fell on Monday 19 November, six teams of second year Lighting Design students got to work on creating six outdoor light installations in the competition Ready, steady, light!, which was part of the Lighting Design programme's open house. 
  • The Swedish Research Council supports development of new technology at the School of Engineering

    The Swedish Research Council has decided to give funding for two new research projects at The School of Engineering. One of the projects concerns the development of more resistant component coatings while the other is related to numerical modelling of thin structures.
  • Jönköping University and Saab in Jönköping enter into strategic partnership

    Jönköping University and Saab in Jönköping have signed a strategic partnership agreement. The agreement creates an opportunity to work together on a long-term basis to develop education and research that will strengthen Swedish industry.