HÖFAB to buy Grennaskolan

Jönköping municipality is expected to decide at the beginning of December that the properties at Campus Gränna will be sold to Högskolefastigheter i Jönköping AB (Höfab) - a properties company that owns the university's facilities and is part-owned by the university itself. 

Jönköping University Enterprises (JUE) runs the Pathway Programmes within Jönköping Univesity, and teaches and houses the Pathway students at Campus Gränna. JUE shares the premises with Grennaskolan which will be open until spring 2019, when it's final students graduate. 

Today, the property is owned by Jönköping municipality, and JUE currently rents the teaching premises, offices and student acccommodation, as well as buys in services such as caretaking, catering, clearning and certain administration services. 

At the beginning of December, the municipality is expected to make the decision to sell the properties on Campus Gränna to HÖFAB when JUE becomes the sole tenant in spring 2019. 

"For JUE, this means we will be able to adapt both the premises and the services more towards our own needs," says Jenny Dahlkild, Acting Managing Director for JUE. 

Campus Gränna is an attractive campus that is located in the centre of the picturesque town of Gränna with a view over Lake Vättern. The campus is a mix of modern teaching facilities and traditional wooden houses from the 1700's.  The students enjoy the small town environment and are well received by the inhabitants. 

"JUE is very happy to be able to develop Pathway Programmes in Gränna and to contribute to the traditional of international students studying and living in the town," says Jenny Dahlkild.