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  • Materials and manufacturing
    international conference comes to Sweden

    The twenty-seventh Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials conference (PFAM XXVII) was held for the first time ever in Sweden this year, and was hosted by Jönköping University. 
  • Graduates display talent for innovation at Xjobbsmässan

    On Wednesday 29 May, students from the School of Engineering celebrated their graduation with Xjobbsmässan - an exhibition of their final thesis projects. Companies from the region came to the fair to meet potential recruits, take inspiration from the innovative ideas on display and award grants to students judged to have presented the best degree projects. 
  • Project on the Social Market Economy and value-based business

    Olof Brunninge, associate professor at JIBS, has joined an international collaboration with colleagues from the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt in Germany. The project aims at enhancing bachelor students’ knowledge on the values that underlie economic activity both on a societal and on a venture level. The group is going to develop an open-access learning module in German and English.
  • Luisa Jödicke had her NFK on BMW Group

    Luisa Jödicke wanted to get as much as possible from her NFK - industrial placement course - so she chose to have it in the summer and extend it to 14 weeks. She is very pleased with her time at BMW and their production simulation department.
  • A strain on the brain – walking with a prosthetic knee

    In a unique study from the School of Health and Welfare, it is now possible to see how walking with a prosthetic knee affects the cognitive functioning of a person. Saffran Möller, a qualified physiotherapist and PhD, has been using a new type of instrument, called fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) that can measure the brain activity of a person whilst they use their prosthetic.
  • Graduation time at Jönköping University

    Diplom till examenshögtid, närbild The spring term is about to end soon, and there is a lot going on at Jönköping University.
  • Mohammed Abdelgawad from Jönköping University is rewarded by Foreign Trade Minister Ann Linde

    Today, May 21, 26 students from countries around the world received the Global Swede diploma by Foreign Trade Minister Ann Linde. One of the students is Mohammed Abdelgawad from Jönköping University.
  • Universities gather to strengthen Swedish industry

    Tillverkning New knowledge, inspiration and innovation is needed to keep abreast of developments when digitalisation changes the conditions and possibilities of the industry. Now, five universities are gathering around a new national industry research school in the field of Smart Industry.
  • Three new honorary doctors at Jönköping University

    Doktorshatt On the 7th of May, the decision was made by the President to award three new Honorary Doctorates at Jönköping University. The three honorary doctors are Professor Emerita Dale Clark Farran, Professor Emerita Gwen Sherwood and Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose. The awarding will take place at the Academic Ceremony on the 12th of October.
  • JU to equip exam venues with desktop computers for better quality and legal safety

    As of August 2019, students will sit their digital exams at venues with JU desktop computers. That will put an end to the 2-year trial, using students’ own laptop computers for digital exams.