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  • Swedish Region Halland also supports a new dental education

    Tandläkarrum med digital utrustning The lack of dentists outside the metropolitan areas makes it difficult for residents to access dental care in Sweden. Therefore, Region Halland now also chooses to, just as more than half of Sweden’s regions have already done, sign a letter of intent to collaborate on a new dental education at Jönköping University.
  • SEK 6 million for decentralized health care education

    Hälsohögskolans entré In the budget bill for 2022, the government proposed an investment of a total of SEK 20 million for decentralized nursing education for the period 2022-2030. The funds have now been distributed and Jönköping University (JU) will receive SEK six million.
  • More than 3 000 new students at Jönköping University

    Evelina Uimonen (to the left) and Matilda Ersson, School of Engineering. About 3,050 new students began their studies at Jönköping University (JU) on 22 August. The first week is characterised by the Kick Off with fellowship and great atmosphere.
  • Advance voting at JU

    Hand choosing ballot paper Starting Monday 29 August, advance voting will be possible at the School of Education and Communication.
  • Summer school for Mexican youth in Gränna

    Between 4-31 July, about forty Mexican youths aged 16–18 participated in the first ever Jönköping University Youth Summer School. The four-week summer course introduced them to Swedish culture, sustainability issues, how Swedish companies work with sustainable development and - not least – gave them an experience to remember for life.