Venue and Accomodation

The symposium will be hosted by ELITE STORA HOTELLET, Jönköping. Rooms at special rates for conference participants can be booked here External link, opens in new window..

Alternatively, John Bauer Hotel is located within close proximity of the conference venue. Rooms can be reserved between 3 and 8 September at a special rate for conference participants. To book, please email quoting reference: G575824. Bookings must be made by 2 August.

PhD students at request are discounted by including accommodation in student rooms at JU, situated on walking distance from the conference venue. Please contact

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General information


City Taxi in Jönköping
Phone number: 036-34 40 00

Taxi Kurir Jönköping
Phone number: 036-12 12 12

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Visit the website for more general information.

Visiting Sweden

Airlines have cut their prices and introduced new classes of travel to meet the competition - and have made it possible to travel to Sweden much easier from all corners of the globe and for less money than ever.

A valid passport entitles EU and North American citizens to a three-month stay in Sweden. Citizens of other countries should check with a Swedish diplomatic representative in their home country.


The unit of currency in Sweden is SEK.


The normal electric current in Sweden is 220 volts AC in 50 cycles, and plugs and sockets may differ from those in other parts of the world, so travellers should bring adapters or transformers for electrical appliances such as hairdryers and shavers.
Some hotels and shops in larger cities can supply adapters.

Electronic equipment

Laptop computers that are made to work on both 110 and 220 volts can be used in Sweden with an adapter.
For laptop computers working on 110 volts only, transformers are also necessary.

What to wear

During the summer the weather in Sweden is mild and pleasant. Pack casual summer clothes, like a few medium-weight sweaters, a light jacket or raincoat.
An overcoat is necessary in the autumn, winter and spring.
Comfortable, low-heeled shoes are important, not only for the countryside, but also for sightseeing along cobblestone streets.

Phone, post & internet service

Post offices are nowadays a service integrated in various shops; grocery stores, kiosks, gasstations etc. The opening hours therefore differ according to the specific store. Generally the post offices are open during normal shopping hours, but local variations may apply. Look for the blue postal sign.

Letters and postcards of up to 20 grams cost SEK 6 within Sweden and SEK 12 internationally.

Stamps are available for sale at post offices, most newsstands and supermarkets with postal service.

There are two different types of mailboxes. The blue box is for local deliveries only, and the yellow box for national and international deliveries.


When calling Sweden from abroad please dial + 46 followed by the area code (omitting the initial zero) and the number required.
When calling abroad from Sweden: dial 00 plus the country code, followed by the area code and phone number.

Banking hours

Monday-Friday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am – 4.00/5.30 pm
In some cities banks may stay open until 6 pm. All banks are closed at weekends and on public holidays. Banks at airports, ports and main railway stations are generally open longer.

Credit card

Major credit cards are widely accepted throughout Sweden (some restriction may apply to American Express). Please note! In order to pay or withdraw cash with your credit card it requires that you have a card with chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number). The older magnetic-stripe cards won’t work.

You can get cash with your Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus card at any “Bankomat” or “Uttagsautomat” ATM.

Shopping hours

Monday-Friday 9.30 am - 6 pm
Saturday 9.30 am - 2/4 pm

In larger towns, department stores remain open until 7.00 pm or longer. Some are also open on Sundays between approx. 12 noon and 4.00 pm. Shops generally close early the day before a public holiday.

All information below is taken from External link, opens in new window.. Visit the website for more general information about Jönköping.


If you want to eat good, high quality food, Jönköping has plenty of restaurants to offer. Below are a selection in the city centre.

N.E.O — This is a restaurant, a bar, a bistro and a venue with lake view and good atmosphere. The food is inspired by the mediterranean cuisine. The menu offers everything from Italian confit to Spanish appetizers.

Sjön — With two Bocuse d'Or medals and an EM gold on the qualifying list of the chef team, this restaurant is set just off the shore of Vättern, with a beautiful lake view.

El Gordo – El Gordo has a mix of authentic Spanish and local flavors, and offers a great mix of different tapas .The restaurant is located overlooking Munksjön lake and has a large outdoor terrace.

Restaurang Glädje - Glädje is a restaurant for everyone - but perhaps especially for those who like local produce. Most of their menu comes from the region and the local producers they work with.

Småländska Kolonin — This restaurant is in one of Jönköping's most historic buildings. It is a place for meetings between different kinds of people and impressions, but above all for tasty food and drink.