The MuDD2019 international conference will bring together international experts and key individuals from professional sectors, from across the global-North and the global-South with the intent of interrogating the continuing dichotomized situation (in particular in nation-states like Sweden) wherein mono-lingualism and mono-culturalism constitutes the norm and multilingualism and diversity are seen as the exception.

Presentations (max 500 words) for the cross-sector meetings/ workshops that are 20-40 minutes long and are clearly related to the MuDD2019 themes and aims are solicited.

The presentations should include:

  • a short introduction or background and,
  • a description what will be presented or focused upon in a workshop setting.

Please inform us of any technical/practical requirements (for example a projector or a room with an open floor) and the possible number of participants who could attend your presentation.


Presentations will be selected with the purpose of including a wide variety of sectors and based upon the criteria of excellence and novelty. In addition, dimensions related to gender equality, functionality representation and balance between sectors, as well as cultural diversity among participants will be aimed for.

Possible themes may include but are not restricted to:

  • representation of diversity in cultural settings from a consumer as well as producer perspective – challenges and novel solutions
  • authors’ engagement in school education/literacy activities, publishers´, filmmakers’ strategies to meet diversity
  • the impact of multilingualism on workplace diversity and learning; challenges meet by regional and national authorities, civil societal organizations, etc.

Thank you for your submissions. The deadline has now passed.

  • Participants whose presentations are accepted will have to finance their travel and accommodation themselves.
  • A small fee will be charged to cover the meals during the conference workshop.
  • A small number of travel bursaries are available for participants from the global-South.

Upon acceptance to the conference, participants who need a travel visa will be able to receive a letter of invitation.