Revealing the company

Time to share our secret. The company that will provide the case for JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge is TMG Tabergs. Read more about them here.

TMG Tabergs is part of Taberg Media Group, which is one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of communications solutions, offering graphic design, print production, advanced web services and strategic business development. Since its establishment as a traditional print shop in 1954, Taberg Media Group has evolved into a full-grown communications group boasting 230 employees and a turnover of SEK 500 million. TMG Tabergs, for its part, employs 75 people and has a turnover of SEK 160 million.

Over the years TMG Tabergs has become a fine-tuned team machine that mixes the analogue with the digital in order to get the best of two worlds and of course to deliver the optimal solution for the client. The solutions often include integrated IT services that combine warehousing, logistics and purchasing with graphic design as well as traditional printing and consulting services.

The company comprises four business areas:

Integrating systems and IT services

Includes tools that enable clients to plan, create and integrate their communications in multiple media. Customers can take advantage of open flexible systems that can be customized to meet unique needs.

Warehousing, logistics and purchasing

This business area features qualified services in terms of campaign planning, warehousing and logistics. But also coordination of strategic purchasing of promotional products, for example.

Studio, concept and graphic design

Spans the entire range from graphic design, image processing and packaging to web production and social media campaigns.

Commercial printing and consulting

Printing of everything from stationery, folders, posters and leaflets to brochures and books. As well as large- format products such as roll-ups, canvas prints. This business area also includes pre-press services, bookbinding and all kinds of consulting regarding commercial printing.

TMG Tabergs’ ambition is to always offer that little bit extra, both as people and as a supplier. Without using any big words. But rather through listening and delivering.