Announcing the five "wild cards"

The final five teams have now been selected.

On behalf of JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge and Aktiestinsen foundation: Many thanks to all teams that showed an interest in the competition and signed up to participate! The interest for the challenge was great this year and competition for the slots was fierce. Finally, we now have 15 teams, representing spirits of creativity and drive at both JTH and JIBS - Good luck to all!

The final five teams are:

Team 11
Stjepan Kalinic (JIBS)
Daniel Hussmo (JTH)
Jan Simko (JIBS)
Jonathan Simpson (JTH)

Team 12
Nadezhda Lisichkova (JIBS)
Dimiter Bogdanzaliev (JIBS)
Muhammad Ali (JIBS)
Alexandre Benichou (JTH)

Team 13
Petra Vretenar (JIBS)
Manolis Vlachos (JIBS)
Jasenko Arsenovic (JIBS)
Georgios Tsakos (JTH)

Team 14
Dimitar Ivanov Dimitrov (JTH)
Galin Hristov Yanev (JIBS)
Janet Temitope Adenola (JIBS)

Team 15
Carlos Miguel Victoriano Soriano (JIBS)
Samantha Tigård (JTH)
Shanyun Lu (JIBS)
Stephen Dickel (JIBS)

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