Åsa Westermark

Assistant Professor of Human Geography
Department of Natural and Social Sciences , School of Education and Communication
Head of Subject Global Studies


Åsa Westermark has professional experience in the field of international co-operation, and particularly in gender and development in Latin America.  Åsa´s research  has applied a time-geographic perspective to the analysis of women´s livelihoods and everyday conditions in urban contexts. Her research is also connected to method development within time-geography. Åsa presented her dissertation in 2003. Today she works to develop didactic tools based on the time-geographic perspective to be used in higher education of geography. The objective is to structure complex social processes around specific issues, i.e. sustainable development. 


Åsa is employed as a senior lecturer in human geography at the School of Education and Communication since 2008. She is teaching at Teacher Education and Global Studies. Åsa has taken part in several international collaborations for SIDA and UNICEF and civil society.


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Doctoral thesis

Westermark, Å. (2003). Informal livelihoods: Womens´biographies and reflections about everyday life: A time-geographic analysis in urban Colombia (Doctoral thesis, Göteborg: Department of Human and Economic Geography, School of Economics and Commercial Law, Göteborg university). More information

Book chapter

Westermark, Å., Borell, K. (2014). Upptäcktens väg: Det projektbaserade uppsatsarbetet. In: Hans Albin Larsson (Ed.), 14 röster kring samhällsstudier och didaktik (pp. 153 -170). Jönköping: Samhällsstudier & Didaktik More information

Conference paper

Westermark, Å. (2019). Time-geography, socio-environmental relationships, and Education for Sustainable Development, ESD. The American Association of Geographers AAG Annual Meeting, April 3 - 7, 2019, Washington DC, United States.. More information
Rosenberg, E., Ramsarup, P., Westermark, Å. (2019). Commodity value chain analysis as a sustainability education process: Case studies from South Africa and Sweden. Comparative and International Education Conference, CIES 2019, April 14-18, San Francisco, United States. More information
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Westermark, Å. (2017). Gender and feminist geography: A time-geographic teaching approach to encourage situated learning in everyday life. The American Association of Geographers AAG Third Annual Meeting, April 5 - 9, 2017, Boston, Massachusetts. More information
Westermark, Å., Jansund, B. (2017). Erfarenheter av undervisning och lärande om globalisering, produktionskedjor, vardagsliv och hållbarhet med tidsgeografi som didaktiskt perspektiv och verktyg. Tidsgeografiska dagar 28-30 september, Örebro universitet. More information

Other publications

Westermark, Å., Gustafsson, M. (2019). East Vättern Scarp landscape and sustainable meadow fodder [Case study]. More information