Mikael Gustafsson

Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences
Department of Natural and Social Sciences , School of Education and Communication
Environment Officer


Mikael Gustafsson is active with research on teacher students' prior knowledge and attitudes about geography through the DISA project. Teacher students’ previous knowledge in geography give an indication of how geography teaching works in school and upper secondary school, as well as whether the relevant steering documents have been considered.

Multifunctional outdoor environments for health and sustainability, a study of collaboration process for strengthened ecosystem services, including Forest Gardens at school. Research area include ESD (Education for Sustainable Development).

 Sustainability Education Research (SER)

Lärandepraktiker i och utanför skolan (LPS)



Mikael is employed as a senior lecturer in Geoscience at the School of Education and Communication since 2017. He is an educated teacher and teach at Teacher Education and Global Studies.

He presented his thesis “Recent and late Holocene development of the marine environment in three fjords on the Swedish west coast” in 2000. Then he worked as a “Marie Curie” postdoc at Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, Germany, in the EU-funded research program “Rapid global change during the cenomanian/turonian oceanic anoxic event: examination of a natural climatic experiment in earth history”.

Mikael is currently involved in a Linnaeus-Palme partnership with Rhodes University, South Africa. The partnership focusses on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), which is an integrated part of Global Studies and in Teacher Education.

Book chapter

Gustafsson, M. (2017). Finns det på kartan?: om lärarstudenters förkunskaper i geografi. In: Rebecka Florin Sädbom, Mikael Gustafsson & Hans Albin Larsson (Ed.), Framåt uppåt!: Samhällsdidaktiska utmaningar (pp. 35 -54). Jönköping: Jönköping University More information

Conference paper

Bjursell, C. Ahl, H. Almgren, S. Berglez, P. Bergström, J. Bertills, K. , ... Öhman C. (2022). Lifelong Learning Through Context Collapse: Higher education Teachers’ Narratives About Online education During The Pandemic. INTED2022 Conference, 7th-8th March 2022. More information
Gustafsson, M., Almers, E., Askerlund, P. (2019). Samverkan och urvalsprocess angående åtgärder med syfte att utveckla ekosystemtjänster på förskolegården. Forskningsbaserad undervisning – Teori och praktik i samverkan, 12 November 2019, Jönköping University, Högskolan för Lärande och Kommunikation i samarbete med Utbildningsförvaltningen i Jönköpings Kommun. More information

Other publications

Westermark, Å., Gustafsson, M. (2019). East Vättern Scarp landscape and sustainable meadow fodder [Case study]. More information


(2017). Framåt uppåt!: Samhällsdidaktiska utmaningar. Jönköping: Jönköping University More information