Malin Dahlström

Assistant Professor of History
Department of Natural and Social Sciences , School of Education and Communication

Malin Dahlström is Assistant Professor in history at the School of Education and Communication. Dahlström is teacher and researcher in history and history didactics.

Dahlström investigates how competition and various forms of collaboration manifest within Swedish and international business. The current focus is on the European construction materials industry.

Another research interest is sustainability and how companies have historically responded to sustainability and environmental demands.

The historical didactic research focuses on how schools in different countries prepare students for societal crises.

Recent publications: 

European and Swedish cement cartels, 1930s-1960s: Stronger together 
Malin Dahlström
A History of Business Cartels International Politics, National Policies and Anti-Competitive Behaviour Edited ByMartin Shanahan, Susanna Fellman - 2022

Otyg: fallet Algots Nord 
Malin Dahlström
Scandinavian Economic History Review - 2021


The foundations of cooperation: building cartels in the Nordic cement industry and beyond, 1890–1947 
Malin Dahlström
Scandinavian Economic History Review - 2020


Dansk-svenskt samarbete inom kalkstens- och cementindustrin. 1880-tal till 1970-tal. 
Malin Dahlström
Fabrik og Bolig - 2019


Dissertation: Konkurrens, samarbete och koncentration. Kalkstens- och cementindustrin i Sverige 1871-1982 
Malin Dahlström

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