Maria Bäcke

Lecturer English
Department of Language, Aesthetic Learning and Literature , School of Education and Communication


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Currently holding positions as guest researcher in LeaDMe and co-leader at CCD ( at Jönköping University, as well as that of senior lecturer of English at Kristianstad University, I have a PhD in TechnoScience. My PhD thesis (Power Games: Rules and Roles in Second Life, 2011) focuses on power, hierarchies and roles in online role-play groups. My current research centers around similar issues as I study structures of ownership, power, authority and subversion as well as digitalisation in schools and leisure centres. Parallel with my focus on digital contexts, I have worked in the field of English and in teacher education since 2003. 

My current research thus merges the fields of digitalisation, education, and cultural studies. The cultural aspects have been my main research focus for a long time as I have analysed this in fictional literature, but I have drawn on this perspective when analysing non-fictional reseach material related to digitalisation and education.

In various constellations, I'm currently studying the reasons for, and processes behind, the selection of EdTech for students. A related area of interest is students' use of the same tools in schools, at leisure centres, and in municipal adult education, drawing on issues of power and subversion in "Big Data," i.e. data ownership and data mining/harvesting.

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