Jennie Berg

Doctoral Student in Education
Department of Language, Aesthetic Learning and Literature , School of Education and Communication
Doctoral Programmes , School of Education and Communication


Jennies thesis is derived from her interest in fiction literature in teaching and how teachers can use digital tools in this regard. As the book reading have decreased and the trend, as well as level of, digitization has accelerated, thoughts have arisen about how to take advantage of digitization and its opportunities and how to let it imbue the school and the teaching in a pervasive way. Jennie is therefore interested of in what way the opportunities with digitization can put the children’s books in the centre and how to evolve the literature teaching. Furthermore, she also wants to examine how this can enhance the reading comprehension of the pupils. In the research the focus is on the teachers in the grades F-3 and their perceptions.

She is carrying out her PhD-studies within the national research school Upgrade.



Jennie has a background as a teacher in the grades F-6.