Elin Chapman

Academic Officer JTH
Department Educational Support , University Services
Academic administration , University Services

Elin is working as an Academic Officer towards the School of Engineering and is the secretary of the Council of first and second-cycle Education.

Elin administers the following programs and courses:
• Construction Engineering: Architectural Engineering, 180 credits
• Construction Engineering: Building Engineering/Civil Engineering, 180 credits
• Lighting Design, 180 credits
• Sustainable Supply Chain Management, 180 credits
• Civil Engineering, 300 credits
• Sustainable Building Information Management (master), 120 credits
• AI Engineering (master), 120 credits
• User Experience Design (one year master), 60 credits
• Cybersecurity (one year master), 60 credits
• Epitech programme (incoming students), 60 credits
• Commissioned Education
• Free-standing courses
• Summer School