Otto Hedenmo

Doctoral Student in Media and Communications
Department of Communication and Behavioral Sciences , School of Education and Communication
Doctoral Programmes , School of Education and Communication


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Otto is a PhD student within the field of media and communication. He investigates climate change collaboration from a communicative perspective. Climate change is regarded as a Meta problem - a problem to big for any organisation to solve on their own. We need to collaborate! Public, private and non-profit need to find communicative way in how to reach regional, national and international climate goals.

The PhD project is financed by the Climate Council of Jönköping County and Jönköping University. You can find more information about the research project here.


Otto have a Master in Science from Uppsala University, where he studied Sociotechnical System Engineering. He profiled his studies toward renewable energy and his master thesis was awarded The Best Master thesis of 2016 by Trafiktekniska föreningen. 

After graduation Otto started working on the County administrative board in Jönköping County, where he lead a two-year solar power project. You can find information and results from that project here:


Hedenmo, O. (2024). What are the connections between collaboration values and communication practices?: An investigation exploring collaborators' perceptions of supports and constraints in collaboration practice Nordicom Review, 45(1), 56-80. More information
Hedenmo, O. (2024). Virtual balancing: How digital environments influence the participation and efficiency of cross-sector partnerships Western journal of communication, 88(1), 43-67. More information
Berglez, P., Hedenmo, O. (2023). The mediatedness of interorganizational collaboration. How collaboration materializes through affordances, chains, and switches Organization. More information

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