Prince Chacko Johnson

Doctoral Candidate Business Administration
Business Administration , Jönköping International Business School

Prince Chacko Johnson is a doctoral student in digital business at the Media Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) of Jönköping International Business School. His current research focuses on digital transformation, digital research methods, artificial intelligence and management. Apart from his research work, he is also involved in teaching courses like digital business, entrepreneurship and innovation management.

Prior to joining the doctoral position, Prince worked as a research assistant at MMTC. He holds a bachelor's degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering from Karunya University, India, and a master of science in engineering management from Jönköping International Business School. His final thesis sheds light on the concept of an agile management within manufacturing industries and can be accessed here. Before his master's programme, he has worked in various roles in the IT industry.


Johnson, P., Laurell, C., Ots, M., Sandström, C. (2022). Digital innovation and the effects of artificial intelligence on firms’ research and development – Automation or augmentation, exploration or exploitation? Technological forecasting & social change, 179. More information

Book chapter

Johnson, P., Sandström, C. (2022). Making use of digital methods to study influencer marketing. In: J. M. Álvarez-Monzoncillo (Ed.), The dynamics of influencer marketing: A multidisciplinary approach (pp. 5 -18). London: Routledge More information