Lisbeth Johansson

Doctoral Student
Research School of Health and Welfare , School of Health and Welfare


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Research groups

Lisbeth Johansson is a PhD student in Health and Care Sciences at the School of Health and Welfare. The doctoral project includes physical activity, targeted health dialogues from a salutogenetic perspective.

The overall aim of this thesis was to increase the understanding of the relation between physical activity and health in the general population and in social disadvantaged groups. Furthermore the aim is to validate questions about physical activity and to explore the patients’ experiences in the context of a Swedish concept of health dialogues targeting cardiovascular diseases.

 The majority of the dissertation articles have a quantitative study design, two of which are based on a data from the LSH study (Living conditions, stress and health) about physical activity, health, quality of life with focus on socio-economic weak groups. The third is a validation study for a questionnaire on physical activity used in connection with targeted health calls. A qualitative article is also planned with interviews about the conversation about physical activity, motivation and sense of coherence in connection with the targeted health dialogue.

Lisbeth became a registered nurse in 1995 and is also a district nurse with a master's degree. She now works in the Jönköping County Region with targeted health dialogues at the Unit for Research and Development in Primary Care, Futurum - Academy for Health and Care.


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Johansson, L., Lingfors, H., Golsäter, M., Kristenson, M., Fransson, E. (2019). Can physical activity compensate for low socioeconomic status with regard to poor self-rated health and low quality-of-life? Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 17(1), 1-10. More information
Johansson, L., Golsäter, M., Hedberg, B. (2016). Health dialogue with non-native-speaking parents: Child health nurses’ experiences Nordic journal of nursing research, 36(4), 209-215. More information