Margit Neher

Assistant Professor Occupational Therapy
Department of Rehabilitation , School of Health and Welfare


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Research groups

Professional background

Since 2020, Margit Neher holds a position as an Associate Professor in Occupational Therapy at the Department of Rehabilitation at Jönköping University. She has research affiliations with both Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Margit Neher studied Implementation Science at Linköping University during 2012-2016, and presented her dissertation entitled: ”Learning Challenges Associated with Evidence-based practice in Rheumatology” in 2016. She held postdoctoral positions at Linköping University 2016-2018 and at Karolinska Institutet 2018-2020.

Margit Neher is an Occupational Therapist with many years of experience working in different multidisciplinary teams including specialized Rheumatology. During her clinical career she was actively engaged in designing and providing clinical education programs for professional and inter-professional clinical internships, as well as for patients and their families.

Research interests include individual, organizational and societal aspects of the implementation of evidence-based interventions (such as, for example, digital innovations) in social care, healthcare and rehabilitation. Research foci are understanding and describing implementation challenges, using implementation theories, models and frameworks.

After completing her PhD, Margit has participated in different research projects with an implementation research perspective. The projects have included issues related to adoption, dissemination, implementation, adherence and adaptation of national recommendations for cancer rehabilitation, cognitive behavior therapy in cardiology, and digital interventions for persons with lifestyle issues amongst others. Different research methodologies and research designs have been used in the studies.

Ongoing research and teaching

Starting in 2016, Margit participated in the IMPLEMENT-IT-project that studied the implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for patients with depressive symptoms and heart disease (PI is Professor Peter Johansson at Linköping University).

Since 2018, Margit has also participated in the research project “Adherence to and Adaptations of Evidence-Based interventions”. The project is about ABC, a parenting program for parents of children with behavior issues. The project is part of the research group PROCOME at LIME (Institute of Learning, Information technology, Management and Ethics) at Karolinska Institutet, led by Professor Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz.

From 2020, Margit is also a co-researcher in MoBILE, a research program focusing on the implementation and effect of digital applications that are designed to support behavior change in families with life-style issues (Department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences at Linköping University), headed by Professor Marie Löf:  

Margit is co-supervisor for PhD-students Mats Westas (Linköpings Universitet) och Johanna Zetterlund (Mälardalens Högskola).

Margit teaches in Implementation theory and practice courses at Specialist- and PhD-levels and Occupational Therapy at first and second cycle levels. Margit is a popular lecturer in national and international conferences.




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Other activities

  • Professional network groups and memberships:

Founding member of the Global Implementation Society 

Member of the Nordic Implementation Research Interest Group

Member of the European Implementation Collaborative 










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Book chapter

Nilsen, P., Neher, M., Ellström, P., Gardner, B. (2022). A learning perspective on implementation. In: F. Rapport, R. Williams and J. Braithwaite (Ed.), Implementation Science: The Key Concepts (pp. 169 -170). More information
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Conference paper

Westas, M., Lundgren, J., Mourad, G., Neher, M., Johansson, P. (2019). Patients with cardiovascular disease and their perceptions on how depression is addressed by health care professionals P98 in cardiac care. EuroHeartCare 2019, Milan, Italy. More information

Other publications

Ahonen, H., Neher, M., Fransson, E., Broström, A., Lindmark, U. . Views about oral health determinants as described by persons with continuous positive airway pressure-treated obstructive sleep apnea: A qualitative study. More information