Andreas Risberg

Doctoral Student


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In my PhD studies, I am researching last mile e-commerce distribution as part of the e-merge project. The research focuses on the logistics management in e-commerce and omni-channel retailers. The expected research outcome is a logistics strategy framework which helps describe the logistics practices in the last mile. We have collected data on 200 firms ranging from SME’s to large and we are analyzing their logistics practices, finally logistics practices will be linked to firm performance.

I have been living abroad 15 years leading global and regional teams on all continents except Australia and running my own companies. My global work experience from various organizational areas is supported by theoretical knowledge gained during my Executive MBA at Copenhagen Business School, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management at Linköping Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics Research School in Retailing, and research at Jönköping University. 

Conference paper

Risberg, A., Jafari, H. (2021). Last Mile Distribution Practices in E-Commerce: A Framework Development and Empirical Analysis. Colloquium On European Research In Retailing (CERR), 15-16 July, 2021, Sophia Antipolis, France. More information