Annika Grynne

Doctoral Student
Research School of Health and Welfare , School of Health and Welfare
Department of Nursing , School of Health and Welfare


Annika Grynne, doctoral candidate in Health and Care Sciences, Research School of Health and Welfare. 

Digi-Do - Digital information tool directed towards women diagnosed with breast cancer and due to commence radiotherapy (RT). VR-teknik som ett hjälpmedel inför adjuvant strålbehanlding för kvinnor diagnostiserade med bröstcancer. Doktoranprojekt som en del av ett större forskningsprojekt.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a digital information  tool as well as explore and evaluate if such a tool can increase patient flow, enhance self-efficacy, health literacy, and thereby decrease distress before, during and after RT in patients with breast cancer while containing quality of care. 

Among women, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis and the leading cause of cancer death. Post-operative RT reduces the risk of recurrence of breast cancer and approxiamtely 75-80% of the patients will be eligible for RT post-surgery. It is know that the high tech environment and unfamiliar nature of RT can affect the patient's experience of this treatment. Patients diagnosed with breast cancer due to commence RT often, despite provision of considerable amount of information, report a range of unmet information needs about the treatment process. Factors such as inadequate provision of information, or the stressful situation having to deal with information about unfamiliar things may influence the patient's abilitiy to comprehend the information.

There is a need to further advance the format in which the information is presented. The emergence of digital technology provides innovative opportunities and virtual reality technology can in an innovative graphical way aid the preparatory information. 


Annika is a trained registered nurse (RN), MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP). She did her MSc at the South Bank University in London and worked as a RN and ANP within areas of Infectious diseases, Sexual health, Acute care and Primary care/ Walk-in clinic in London between 1999 - 2012. She worked as a lecture in Biomedicine at Högskolan in Skövde between 2012 - 2019. Annika has been employed as a lecturer at the department of Nursing Science since April 2019. She is a memeber of the research environment IMPROVE at the Jönköping University. 


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