Gabriella Norberg Boysen


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The research project, Care at the right level of care, is about to identify primary healthcare patients in the Emergency Medical Services´(EMS) and guide them to an optimal level of healthcare (primary healthcare).

Study I is a quantitative register study, where the aim is to determine the frequency and the characteristics of these patients.

Study II is an instrument development study, where a questionnaire is developed, aimed to measure patients trust in healthcare.

The third study is an interventional study (RCT), where the new healthcare model is tested and evaluated. The questions are; Can prehospital emergency nurses triage these patients to an optimal level of care? Can it be done with maintaned medical safety? And do these patients feel the same trust as those who recieve care at the emergency department?

Finally, a qualitative study is performed, in which patients recieving the new healthcare model is interviewed about their experiences.


Gabriella has specialized education in prehospital care, anesthesia and forensic nursing. She´s since the 90´s employed at the EMS in the region of Kungälv, she´s currently workingthere to 60 percent. Since 2011 she´s also emplyed at the University of Borås as a PhD-student, now at 50 percent. In addition, she enrolled in the research school at Jönköping University. The research project is sponsored largely by Länsförsäkringar Södra Älvsborg (an insurance company).