Elin Fröding

Doctoral Student
Research School of Health and Welfare , School of Health and Welfare


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Fröding, E., Andersson-Gäre, B., Westrin, Å., Ros, A. (2021). Suicide as an incident of severe patient harm: A retrospective cohort study of investigations after suicide in Swedish healthcare in a 13-year perspective BMJ Open, 11(3). More information
Probert-Lindstrom, S. Vaez, M. Fröding, E. Ehnvall, A. Sellin, T. Ambrus, L. , ... Westrin A. (2021). A Retrospective Comparison of Users with and without Previous Suicide Attempts Archives of Suicide Research. More information
Fröding, E., Edvinsson, J., Mellqvist, J., Ros, A. (2020). PIR – patientsäkerhet i realtid – lämpade sig väl under pandemin Läkartidningen, 117(48), 1587-1589. More information