Elaine Mc Hugh

Senior Lecturer -
Department of Communication and Behavioral Sciences , School of Education and Communication
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Elaine’s research is broadly concerned with the implementation of research-based practices developed for individuals with disabilities in contact with social services and schools. This research area examines how different factors can assist or hinder the translation of research evidence to these applied contexts.

Elaine’s PhD thesis examined the implementation of the Australian parent support program, “Parenting Young Children” (PYC), in the Swedish social services. PYC was developed by Dr Robyn Mildon and Dr Catherine Wade, and is targeted at parents with intellectual disability with children younger than 7 years of age. The program aims to improve child care skills and parent-child interaction. The studies focused on program feasibility, fidelity and support.

Another area of interest is child participation and engagement. Elaine is currently involved in the Participation and Engagement in Preschool International (PEPI) research project, investigating different structural and process characteristics and their role in young children’s engagement.


Elaine has a PhD in Psychology (December 2016), and Master’s in Educational Research (2013). She has previously worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Social Work, University of Gothenburg, primarily lecturing on topics relating to psychology in a social work context.


Mc Hugh, E., Starke, M. (2020). Investigating feasibility and fidelity of the Parenting Young Children program in Sweden Evaluation and Program Planning, 80. More information

Other publications

Ritoša, A., Mc Hugh, E., Nylander, E., Åström, F., Karlsson, E. (2021). Assessing young children’s engagement in preschool - a scoping review protocol [protocol]. More information