The research programme named Biomedical Platform gathers students, teachers, researchers and clinical specialists, motivated by an interest in developing knowledge in the area of biomedicine.



Maria Faresjö

The Biomedical Platform is an arena of unique national research and educational cooperation involving three participants: the School of Health and Welfare, the Division of Laboratory Medicine at Jönköping County Council and Futurum, which is an academy for health and medical care in Jönköping County.
The School of Health and Welfare offers Bachelor of Science education in Biomedical Laboratory Science. To provide optimal education with regard to the rapid technological and methodological development in biomedicine, close cooperation is required with potential employers — in this case, the Division of Laboratory Medicine of the Jönköping County Council.


Biomedicine is a rapidly growing field with applications in a wide range of research areas searching for solutions to medical and patient-related issues. The activities in the programme of the Biomedical Platform include research and supervision in such areas as biogerontology, tumour biology, molecular genetics, immunology, clinical microbiology and molecular biology. 


Biomedical Platform activities have demonstrated clear developmental potential in a number of areas. The goal of cooperation is to:
Create a physical and virtual meeting place/platform for students, teachers and staff and clinical researchers in the Jönköping County Council and the School of Health and Welfare.
Supervise students on the bachelor´s, master´s and doctoral programmes and supervise clinical staff in the skills development programme. The goal is to recycle the generated knowledge back to hospitals and healthcare facilities.
Make rapid technological and biomedical developments accessible to medical and health care, education and research.
There are currently around ten doctoral students involved in the Biomedical Platform. All of them are formally enrolled in the medical school of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Linköping University but are pursuing their entire doctoral education via the Biomedical Platform.


Cooperation in the Biomedical Platform between the School of Health and Welfare, the Division of Laboratory Medicine and Futurum strives to create a strong programme with a clear focus on clinical, patient-related research. All participants have their own, strong national networks, primarily through the Faculty of Health Sciences, Linköping University. A number of international networks have also been established, some of which have been financed by the EU. Cooperating by means of networks increases the opportunities for operating front-line research. Biomedicine is a subject that is also closely related to biotechnology, a field that is developing rapidly with a large potential for cooperation.

Development opportunities

Since its initiation, over twenty research projects have been allocated to the Biomedical Platform. The research programme has a very high developmental potential as a cooperation platform because it can coordinate both human and financial resources. The platform is the first of its kind in biomedical academic research and education and can thus serve as a model for other platforms being created locally and nationally.