Overcoming climate change worry: how action competence can contribute to psychological well-being among young adults is one of three granted projects within HLK's new research profile Educommication - EduCom.


Young people worry. About climate change, about governments not doing enough to tackle it, about dark and gloomy future. Although it is a valid response to what is happening in the world, the level of anxiety can be crushing. Activism is often prescribed as an effective way to deal with these negative feelings, yet very few resort to it. This research project aims to investigate how we can channel the constructive power of climate change worry and what measures need to be put in place to prevent worry from eroding young people’s psychological well-being. By focusing on action competence, we will explore how potential for action can be cultivated and how it can improve one’s psychological well-being. The research project will employ quantitative methodology and survey students across different programs at JU, both in the beginning and in the end of their studies to explore the effect that higher education may have on developing one’s action competence and mitigating climate change worry.

The project runs 2024-2025.

Researchers within the project: Yulia Lakew (PI), Ellen Almers, Per Askerlund, Tobias Samuelsson.