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Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

Online, quarter speed, 3 credits

A comprehensive introduction to Explainable AI (XAI) with relevant concepts such as interpretability, transparency and black-box machine learning methods. We focus on the latest methods for generating explanations and we study issues related to AI such as decision support, interaction with AI and intelligent systems and their evaluation.

Course starting October 2021.

Agile Production Development

Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

You will learn to use agile principles for effective implementation of projects in production development. The course is based on continuous learning, where theory and practice are alternated, adapted to the needs of your company. The course covers all phases of a project, from initiation and planning to implementation and project completion.

Application closed.

Automation - Possibilities and Challenges

Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

With increasing automation solutions in production systems, there are challenges as well as opportunities to succeed in choosing, developing or ordering an efficient, flexible and supportive automation solution. The course explores different types of automation strategies and opportunities related to cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Course starting September 2021.

Additive Manufacturing
, quarter speed, 5 credits

The course focuses on AM’s dynamics and unique characteristics which have the potential to be utilized as a feasible production system both as a standalone technology or in combination with conventional technologies for industrial manufacturing purposes.

Course starting September 2021

Applied Industry 4.0
Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

The course contains the basic concepts needed for implementation of industry 4.0. The students will get an understanding of the defining concepts and technologies of industry 4.0 and how to get up and running with data gathering, analysis and the digitalization of production systems.

Course starting September 2021

Planned courses and activities for professionals starting Spring 2022

Product and Production Platforms

Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

Strengthen your competence in platform-based development and modularization to better handle variations and changes in e.g. customer needs and demands. The course introduces the concept of product and production platforms and goes through methods and tools for analysis, planning and development of product and production platforms.

Next start Spring 2022.

Challenge-driven Operations Development

Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

This course focuses on how middle managers in operations should manage development work. In the course we systematically analyze the origin of development initiatives, goal setting in development work and choice of strategy for implementing development initiatives. The course is practice oriented and real-life challenges are used in all parts.

Next start January 2022.

Human Factors Engineering

Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

The course provides knowledge and insights on how products and industrial systems can be designed considering people's natural strengths and limitations and result in usability, efficiency, sustainability and well-being.

Next start January 2022.

Changeable and Reconfigurable Production

Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

The purpose of the course is to build competence in design and development about changeable production systems to provide efficient production to better deal with variations in e.g. product types and volumes. The course focuses on changeable, reconfigurable and flexible production concepts and production solutions.

Next start January 2022.

Maintenance for Production Performance

Online, quarter speed, 5 credits

With a starting point in the concept of dependability this course offers a holistic view on maintenance development. One of its purposes is to help you motivate a maintenance strategy to develop your company’s production performance.

Next start January 2022.

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