Recycling is an important area to improve to reduce negative impact on the environment. With increased material recovery, less virgin materials are needed to provide the same benefits for the society. Aluminium is an important metal in the efforts to reduce negative climate impact. Demand for wrought aluminium will heavily increase with electrification of vehicles. However, with today´s recycling, contamination of aluminium alloys results in significant losses where wrought aluminium products are downcycled to cast aluminium with lower value and performance.

The aluminium recycling and knowledge on the recyclability of current important aluminium alloys and their alloying elements is covered. Future implementations and research are explored to find possible road maps for a sustainable circular economy of aluminium products. The findings indicate that closed-loop recycling through better developed sorting and separation processes are one of the primary improvement directions. Also, improve utilization of the alloys and their alloying elements in the making of new aluminium alloys.

Date: Mar. 24, 2022

Time: 10:00-11:00 (+ 30 min panel discussion)

After attending this webinar you will:

  • Understand the changes necessary due to climate effects and electrification
  • Understand the challenges in recycling of aluminium
  • Understand the requirements on the supply chains

This webinar is specifically useful for designer and supplier manager of Al component industries. End user of Al components. Everyone with interest in Al casting but with a particular focus on those involved in the use and design of toolings in the high pressure die casting bussines.

Associate Senior Lecturer

Dep Production and Materials Eng.

Lund University, Sweden