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Unique Specialized Programmes within Health Care

The School of Health and Welfare offers unique and practical programmes at the bachelor's and master's level, from our bachelor's in Prosthetics and Orthotics to our Master's in Assistive Technologies. The development of assistive technologies requires a unique combination of medical and engineering knowledge.

We also offer a unique programme centered around children in need of special support, as well as a web-based programme within Occupational Therapy.

Linking Theory and Practice

Within all programmes, students have the opportunity to link theory to practice by working on real-world projects throughout the education- addressing problems identified by industry partners. Read more.

Leading Research and Education

The School of Health and Welfare enjoys the standing of a leading school nationally in part because of top-quality research. The school’s healthcare research has been published and cited extensively. In addition, we are one of three participating members of the Swedish Institute for Disability Research (a leading European programme in disability research).

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