The School of Health and Welfare enjoys the standing of a leading school nationally in part because of its top-quality research. The school is one of the academic environments for healthcare research in Sweden that has published extensively in international journals of renown. The school´s research is also cited often.

The school bridges research and the professions with the aim of improving health and welfare in society. Researchers and professors disseminate knowledge and research results at national and international scientific conferences.

Research areas

The research at the School of Health and Welfare focuses on five prominent research areas:

Research Centres 

An institute or centre at Jönköping University focuses on a certain area of research and development and aims at creating a dynamic platform for collaboration between disciplines, institutions and organisations in Sweden and globally.

Biomedical Platform

The Biomedical Platform is an arena of unique national research and educational cooperation involving three participants: the School of Health and Welfare, the Division of Laboratory Medicine at Jönköping County Council and Futurum, which is an academy for health and medical care in Region Jönköping County.

Centre for Oral Health

Oral Health Science displays a wide spectrum of areas associated with both natural science and social science.

The Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare

This academy for improvement of health and social care has recently been formed through the collaboration between the County Council of Jönköping, the County municipalities and Jönköping University.