Educate is the center for academic teaching and learning at Jönköping University.

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The group working with Educate in 2022 and 2023 has been tasked with establishing a center for academic teaching and learning in higher education at Jönköping University. This means that we are currently developing learning opportunities in the form of courses, seminars and workshops, while at the same time constructing the centre as a way of developing the educational competence at Jönköping University. You can read more about the purpose of Educate, and learn more about our principles, format and communication by exploring all the subpages on About Educate.

It may also be useful to know that we have designed ways of working and packaging our content to best fit with your circumstances for continuing education and skills development. For example, that's why most courses are 1.5 credits, so they take up less of your working time and therefore reduce the burden on both you and the organisation. It becomes more dynamic.